The 18th Sustainable Development Goal, SDG, is about space, about respect, and exploration across the many layers of space. Advocating for an 18th SDG for outer space expansion is inherently a sustainability led decision.
18th SDG - Space Alliance
Lecture Webinar by Space Renaissance Academy

Dr. Armen V. Papazian (Bio) delivered a presentation on The sustainable monetisation of space in the third millennium at

The Space 18th SDG Panel – September 15 2023

United Nations General Assembly 78th – 5-29 September 2023

777 United Nations Plaza, 11th Floor Conference Room, New York, NY 10017

The sustainable monetisation of space in the third millennium

We continue to consume our very own, and only, home from under our own feet. We also continue to litter every environment we come to touch, from oceans to land, rivers and lakes, atmosphere, and outer space. Human productivity is evidently oblivious to and unconcerned with what it leaves behind, and how it endangers its very own continuity and evolution. One of the main reasons for such a suboptimal outcome can be found in our financial value framework, in the principles of finance that have governed financial education and training, our markets and investments. The root cause is in the value equations of core finance theory and practice, in the equations that have been, and still are, focused on risk and time, serving one stakeholder, the mortal risk-averse return maximising investor. To address the evolutionary challenges we have created for ourselves, we need to redefine the value of money beyond risk and time. In truth, we have an entire analytical dimension missing in our financial value framework, i.e., space. Our equations, geared towards assessing the value of cash flows vis-à-vis risk and time, omit the space impact of cash flows and assets in the value equations of those cash flows and assets. To truly redirect human productivity, to sustainably monetise space across all its layers, we must reimagine the value of money and the institutional structures that create it. Today, money and our monetary architecture act as an evolutionary bottleneck for the sustainable and continuous expansion of human productivity across time and space.

Adrian Webb (Bio), a co-founder and director of the Space Value Foundation will be speaking at the live event “Space for All, on Earth and Beyond.”

Space for All, on Earth and Beyond!
12 June 2023 – 21:00 CEST, 3pm US EDT, Noon US PDT
Watch the livestream recording on the Space Renaissance YouTube channel:
Among the speakers:
  • Alfred Anzaldua, NSS, will report about the June 5th COPUOS session, where NSS and SRI will announce the 18th SDG proposal.
  • Karlton Johnson, Chair of the NSS International Committee
  • Frank White, Founder of the Human Space Program, creator of the Overview Effect concept
  • Steve Wolfe, Founder of the Beyond Earth Institute 
  • Bob Zubrin, Founder of The Mars Society
  • John Spencer, President of the Space Tourism Society
  • Frederick Jenet, Expanding Frontiers
  • Gabriel Ignetti, Ecomodernist Society of North America
  • Bernard Foing, SRI President
  • Madhu Tangavelu, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Adrian Webb, Space Value Foundation

The 18th SDG proposal was announced at COPUOS 66th session, in Vienna, the 5th of June 2023. Pictured are Karlton Johnson and Alfred Anzaldua.

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Ad Astra Simul in Pax…

To the Stars Together in Peace.

The 18th SDG: Respect, Nurture, and Explore Space

The 18th SDG is about conceptualising an effective goal. Our footprint in space – from subatomic to interstellar space and every layer in between and beyond – is ours to design, create, improve, and expand.

The carbon in our air, the plastic in our oceans, the sewage in our rivers, the radioactive waste on land and at sea, the chemical landfills, and the debris in orbit, they are all evidence of the necessity to reinvent human productivity in order to secure both its sustainability as well as continuous expansion across time and space.

The 18th SDG recognises the vast and diverse spatial context we occupy – from subatomic to interstellar space and every layer in between and beyond – and establishes the necessity to respect, nurture, and explore our own evolutionary continuity in space, across its many layers. It also establishes the necessity to respect and nurture and explore all other life forms we encounter on our journey in space.

Respect, Nurture, and Explore Space.

You can download Dr. Papazian’s first discussion note on the topic here.

Respect, Value, and Explore Space

Space is our physical context stretching from subatomic to interstellar space and every layer in between and beyond.

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