Space Value Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation registered as a company limited by guarantee, it is not a charity, has no shareholders and does not distribute profits. 
We aim to reinvent our financial value framework & revise the equations that govern the creation, allocation and deployment of money. In other words, we aim to change the financial mathematics that underpins our markets and economies. 

There are numerous sustainable finance initiatives around the world today, and many alliances being formed amongst them.

You may ask, why do we need another one, and what is different about Space Value Foundation.

The answer, discussed throughout this site is quite straightforward.

We advocate for change in the financial mathematics we teach and apply across the theory and practice of finance and monetary economics. We believe a sustainable future rests on a change in the value of money, its logic, principles, and equations that govern its creation, allocation, and deployment. For a more detailed discussion see Why Space? and the Space Value Framework pages.

On ESG and Climate Finance

Currently popular conceptualisations of sustainability in finance do not go far enough to transform the core principles and equations of finance. They also do not offer new value equations. The approach often rests on using ESG considerations to adjust existing variables in our old models.

Indeed, whether standards, frameworks, ratings and/or scores, these initiatives do not address nor integrate a discussion of money mechanics. As if money and its value and its logic are irrelevant to the climate crisis. Or have no relevance to other environmental and social crises we face today. 

The mathematics we use to design, create, and allocate money must match our global strategic commitment to a sustainable future. The ‘Risk and Time Value of Money’ model must evolve, and account for Space and the space impact of cash flows.