Dr Armen V. Papazian


Armen is a financial economist, author, consultant and innovator with a track record in global finance and more than 20 years’ experience in sustainable finance, capital markets, and analytics. Armen is a Doctor of Financial Economics from Cambridge University and couples extensive advisory experience for financial institutions and markets with research into both the academic and practical aspects of sustainable finance challenges. Armen has been an active contributor to the public debate on sustainability and finance including notable contributions for the Bank of England and Cambridge University Judge Business School.  
He is the author of ‘Hardwiring Sustainability into Financial Mathematics’ (2023) and ‘The Space Value of Money: Rethinking Finance Beyond Risk and Time’ (2022) and one of the founders of Space Value Foundation, which campaigns to embed sustainability into the very core equations of finance, allowing a global transition in business and industry. The Space Value Foundation takes its name from the principle and model proposed by Armen in his recently published book. 

He is a former Executive Director of UBS AG, and a former Managing Director of Innovation and Development at Nasdaq Dubai (DIFX), where he led the launch of the Middle East’s first Structured Products platform with Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch. Furthermore, he has led the creation of the region’s first tradeable fixed income indices with HSBC, as well as the first fungible dual listing with a US exchange in the region. He is also a former Lecturer in Finance and the author of numerous publications. His innovative financial value model, Space Value Optimisation, was a finalist in the Finance for the Future Awards in 2016.

Armen’s most recent projects have focused on analytics and technology. He is the founder of Value Xd, a cutting edge and unique cloud-based analytics platform. Value Xd was recently shortlisted for the Innovation Award at the Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards 2022, listed 7th in the Envirotech 50 UK by Business Cloud, listed as one of the Top 33 UK Tech Startups in 2019 by Tech Nation.

Starship Congress - Alpha Centauri Prize, 2013

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