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Our aims

Founded in 2022, Space Value Foundation campaigns to change how organisations—from companies to countries—model financial projections so that the formulae used to direct capital and investment reflect the true impact on every layer of space from the nanoworld to interstellar, from the crust to the Troposhere. 

Most financial decisions used to guide investment across the world—from those of small municipalities to giant investment banks—use formulae created long before climate emergency became a global threat. 

Space Value Foundation takes its name from the new paradigm of financial impact modelling set out by Dr Armen Papazian in his 2022 book ‘The Space Value of Money: Rethinking Finance beyond Risk and Time’. This shows how financial projection models and formulae can change so that the true impact of all money invested is factored in from the outset. Without this change, seismic and detrimental global impact will result despite the window dressing that countries and companies wrap around their activities.

Only by changing our understanding of the way we must model the link between investment now and its effect on all layers of space in the future can we stand a realistic chance of reducing the impact. 

“A million world-affecting decisions are taken daily using financial formulae focused on risk and time. Built upon a framework of value that has coincided with a period of human history where we have effectively littered every environment we have come to touch.

From the nano world within matter, to the outside world stretching from inside the planet, to its surface, atmosphere, and outer space. We need to rethink human productivity, and the logic and equations that define the value, creation, and deployment of money have direct relevance to the reinvention.

Our mathematics of monetary value and return must start to reflect our commitment to a sustainable future.”

Dr Armen Papazian

Reinventing the financial value framework
A Risk and Time based financial value framework omitting Space as an analytical dimension has driven our species into an evolutionary bottleneck.Our responsibility for impact on all layers of space must be entrenched into core finance equations. This is the only way to address our current challenges and implement a sustainable and continuous expansion of human productivity in time and space.
The Space Value of Money principle
The Space Value of Money principle establishes a bottom threshold of investment acceptability as it requires that investors achieve their positive returns without negative space impact. The Space Value of Money principle requires that a dollar ($1) invested in space has at the very least a dollar’s ($1) worth of positive impact on space.
How can you help?

We work with individuals, companies and organisations who share our vision to create a sustainable financial framework for future investment and a serious, realistic path towards Net Zero—rather than greenwashing ESG initiatives.  Space Value Foundation’s consultancy services offered by senior economists and financial experts can help differentiate major businesses from their peers. How? By embedding the seriousness of their sustainable goals into their impact analysis, investment strategies and forecasting. From precise space and environmental impact audits to wholesale revisions of financial metrics suites.

You join us as a business by becoming a Corporate Partner of Space Value Foundation. Your contribution will directly support our campaigning and advocacy work aimed at integrating space impact into the financial mathematics applied in the commercial world, in markets and investments, in corporates and startups, in education and training.

You can also join us as an individual supporter of and contributor to Space Value Foundation. Both Corporate and individual supporters gain advance sight of new white papers, publications and priority access to our events.